Friday, August 19, 2011

Yesterday's Math Test

Yesterday's math test took a lot longer than expected.  We did not get a chance to work on the social studies vocabulary in class, but will be working with those words today.

I will  be sending the math test home today with all of the kids.  They are to correct their test this weekend to receive a second score that will be averaged with the first score they received. This opportunity does not arise often in my class.  If they do not turn it in on Monday, then they forfeit their chance to change their score.  If they got a 100% I will add 5% to their grade so that it is fair. Many children made a lot of silly mistakes on their multiplication of greater numbers.  They need to be working on being more accurate in this area.  For the most part, everyone understood the concept of mutiplying the decimals and how to move the decimal in their answers.  Some of them are still having a hard time understanding what estimating is and why we do it. We will continue working with that throughout the school year as we venture through different areas of math.  It is important that children have a way to look at a problem and their answer and determine if it is reasonable.  When you receive their tests back, you will notice that there are 2 problems in the second box that do not actually follow the decimal rule due to the way that the problems and answers were written.  I gave the students credit if they followed the rule to move the decimal, but if they were able to check for reasonableness, they would have noticed that the answer did not make sense.  I know that they will do better on the next test.

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