Friday, May 25, 2012


The last day of school is finally here.  Graduation last night was awesome!  The kids looked great!

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know how proud I am of all of you!  You are hard workers and great kids.  You will all go far in life.  I am going to miss each and everyone of you next year.  I hope some of you will stop by to say hi every once in a while.  I also want to thank all of the parents.  You guys have been a great support this year.  You have helped to make it all happen.  Thank you!  I hope everyone has a great summer!  Good luck next year in middle school!

Today we will be having field day, a lunch outside for the kids, yearbook signing, and finishing up anything they are working on.  Great job kids!  I will miss you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


2 days left!!!  It is graduation day!  Yeah!

The kids are excited about graduating and should be very proud of their accomplishments!  They worked hard this year and they deserve it.

Most of them seem to be having a fantastic time creating their music videos.  I hope a few of them finish today so that I can record them and they can be played on the news on Friday.

Awesome job 6th graders!  Congratulations!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


3 days to go!!!

Don't forget that we get out of school early today at 2:25.

The kids really seemed to like the idea of creating the music videos that we talked about yesterday.  It is a stress free and fun way to end the year.  I am excited about this project and can't wait to see what is in store for me.

We have a short field day on Friday from 9:30-11:00.  We will be competing against the 5th graders.  It should be a lot of fun.  Also, starting at 11:00 we are going to have a picnic with all of the 6th graders outside.  We are requesting that not a whole bunch of parents come, it is just a time for the kids to talk, hang out, and sign yearbooks.  If they want to pack a lunch and bring a towel or blanket to sit on, that would be awesome.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


4 days left!!!  We are getting closer to being done.

Yesterday, we took our end of the year math test.  The kids did not do quite as well as I expected, but it is the end of the year and most of them are checked out to middle school already.

We have one more presentation in social studies in Mr. Cohen's class and that is it.

Today, we are going to be watching food wars this morning that the gsp kids are putting on.  It will be fun.  Also, we are going to be beginning a fun music video project that we will be working on for the next few days.  I think the kids will have a blast with this.

That's all for today!  2 more days until graduation!!!  Yeah kids!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Last 5 days of school!!!  Keep working hard!

Today is Monday and the big day for the end of the year math test.  I know everyone has all of the skills necessary to do well.  I can't wait to see how much they have improved throughout the year.

Tomorrow we are going to be starting a fun project in class.  I think the kids will like it.  It is not for a grade, just for fun!

Have a marvelous Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18/12 is Friday!  6 more days of school and counting!

Today we will be taking our chapter 12 math test and finishing up the rest of our social studies projects.  I should have final social studies grades soon!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 more days to go...

Today we are taking our district social studies test and filling out our study guide for the math test.  It is going to be a busy day.  I hope everyone is focused out there.

Only a couple more social studies presentations and then we are done with those as well.  Can't wait to be done.  I know more about ancient cultures and civilizations than I could ever have imagined.  Excellent work kids!

Have a thunderous Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


8 days and counting...

Well, we have finished everything in chapter 12 and are getting close to the end of all of our social studies projects.  

In math, we will be doing one more section of problem solving today.  No homework!

In social studies, we will keep chugging on presentations and review just a little bit for the end of year test.  That is tomorrow, so study those DBQs!!!

That's all for today.

Congratulations to all of those students receiving an award yesterday!  Way to go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


9 days and counting!!!  It should be another terrific Tuesday at WMSS!!!

Today in math we are going to be learning how to solve algebraic equations that have rational numbers in them.  This is combining many of the skills that we have learned so far this year.  Please make sure you are reviewing this information with your kids at home.  On Thursday, we are going to be doing a test review for the Ch. 12 math test on Friday.  Please make sure you study these concepts with your children at home.  There are only 2 math test grades this nine weeks and some of them didn't do too well on the first one.  We will be taking the end of the year math test next Monday.  This is a test that is difficult to study for.  They should already be prepared to take this test.

The end of the year social studies test is coming up on Thursday.  The kids should be studying their DBQs to help them with this test.  The DBQs that are on the test are: The Silk Roads, Asoka, Hammurabi, The Nile.  If they have lost one of these I do not have extra copies.  The kids are telling me that if you search the internet, you can find them.  We only have a few more presentations left to go.  Due to the difference in group sizes, Mr. Cohen's class is going to be taking more quizzes than the other two classes.  That being said, when I post new social studies grades at the end of the week, there will be many columns for Mrs. Fielder and Mrs. DeLuca's classes that will have an X as the grade.  This is not anything that counts against them, but the only way I can give Mr. Cohen's class full credit for their work.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Just remember...9 more days and then you can stop working so hard!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


10 days left!!!  Keep on chuggin' along!

Today in math we are going to be working on dividing rational numbers.   Same rules apply as when they are positive.  You keep the first one the same, change it to multiplication, and use the reciprocal of the second.  Then you cancel and multiply.  Not too bad.  Don't forget to use the smiley face rules to determine if your answer should be negative or positive.

In social studies we are going to continue presenting our projects.  Excellent job so far!

Up to date grades are posted for both math and social studies!

Have a magnificent Monday!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Good Friday morning!

Well, math competition yesterday was awesome.  Our math team, consisting of Caleb, John, Muhammad, Calista, and Garrett placed in both the math bowl and the written test.  They placed 7th in the bowl and 9th on the written portion!  Way to go team!  There were 51 teams there, that is quite an accomplishment!

Today in math we will review yesterday's assignment and be moving on with the next section in the book.  We also we be having a few more groups present their social studies projects.  So far, the projects have been great and the quiz grades have been good.

Two more weeks of school!  I can't believe it is almost over.  Keep working hard, then you can have a nice summer off.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Good morning!

I will not be in school today due to the math competition.  But, I have left a new lesson for the sub to teach.  The kids will be adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  Sounds easy's the catch.  It will be including negative ones as well.  So...don't forget these rules.  When you are adding integers or rational numbers:
1. negative + negative = negative
2. positive + positive = positive
3. negative + positive =  you subtract the smallest number from the biggest number and keep the sign of the one with the greatest absolute value.  ***this works no matter which one is positive and which one is negative.

The other thing you need to remember is that when adding and subtracting fractions, you must first get a common denominator.

Have a thoroughly awesome Thursday!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yesterday, the math lesson went well.  Some of them needed a refresher on how to convert fractions to decimals, but for the most part, they all had remembered how to do it.

In social studies, they did a great job with the first rounds of presentations.  I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information they were able to retain.  Most of the kids did a great job on their quizzes as well.

Today in math, we are going to be comparing and ordering rational numbers.  This is the same as comparing and ordering fractions and decimals, but it adds in negative numbers.  With this they just need to remember that the bigger the fraction or decimal is, if it is negative, it is actually a smaller value.  I know it will be confusing at first, but with enough practice, I think that they can get it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The test went pretty well yesterday.  It was obvious that some kids did  not use the study guide to help them study for the test, but others did and it paid off.  Overall, most of the kids were very successful.  This is a great thing because we are moving in to rational numbers, which are positive and negative numbers that include fractions and decimals.  This concept is a little harder to grasp, but if they have the foundation, it shouldn't be too hard.

Today will also be the first day of presentations for social studies.  There will be many social studies grades getting posted for the next couple of weeks, so if your child was needing some new grades, they are coming soon.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


What a wonderful Monday it is...

Today we will be taking our test on Chapter 11.  The kids should know everything we  have gone over about integers in order to be successful on the test.  They will have the rest of the period to work on their final touches before presentations begin tomorrow.

Have a Marvelous Monday!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday we had an awesome day at Islands of Adventure!!!

Today we are going to be reviewing chapter 11 for our test.  The kids will be completing a study guide to take home to study off of.  The whole chapter is on integers.   They will need to be able to plot coordinates, find the absolute value, and add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.  Please make sure you practice the subtraction problems!!!

In social studies we will begin presentations on Tuesday.  I am sure at this point that everyone is ready to go!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all on Monday!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's Wednesday!!!  Big field trip tomorrow!!!

The kids are getting excited about the field trip tomorrow.  I hope they can stay focused in class today and get some work done.

In math, we are going to be reviewing many of the previously taught concepts.  We are going to be going over subtracting integers again.

In social studies, just keep chugging...presentations start next week!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It is May already...unbelievable!

Well, today in math, we are going to be reviewing addition, subtraction, and multiplication of integers.  We also are going to  be working on dividing integers.  Some of the kids are still struggling with subtraction.  If you would practice with them at home it will get better.  We have a test on Monday on everything we have learned about integers including adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ordering, and absolute value.  These are all of the things in chapter 11.

In social studies we are still chugging along on our projects.  Everyone has signed up for their presentation dates, and has it written in their planners.  All planners have been filled out for math and social studies for the rest of the school year.  If your child is busy like mine, they can go ahead and get started working ahead.

I am collecting all math and social studies books this week and next.  We will not be using the social studies text book for the rest of the year and the math book can be found online, so please send them back in ASAP.

Thanks...and have a terrific Tuesday!