Tuesday, May 15, 2012


9 days and counting!!!  It should be another terrific Tuesday at WMSS!!!

Today in math we are going to be learning how to solve algebraic equations that have rational numbers in them.  This is combining many of the skills that we have learned so far this year.  Please make sure you are reviewing this information with your kids at home.  On Thursday, we are going to be doing a test review for the Ch. 12 math test on Friday.  Please make sure you study these concepts with your children at home.  There are only 2 math test grades this nine weeks and some of them didn't do too well on the first one.  We will be taking the end of the year math test next Monday.  This is a test that is difficult to study for.  They should already be prepared to take this test.

The end of the year social studies test is coming up on Thursday.  The kids should be studying their DBQs to help them with this test.  The DBQs that are on the test are: The Silk Roads, Asoka, Hammurabi, The Nile.  If they have lost one of these I do not have extra copies.  The kids are telling me that if you search the internet, you can find them.  We only have a few more presentations left to go.  Due to the difference in group sizes, Mr. Cohen's class is going to be taking more quizzes than the other two classes.  That being said, when I post new social studies grades at the end of the week, there will be many columns for Mrs. Fielder and Mrs. DeLuca's classes that will have an X as the grade.  This is not anything that counts against them, but the only way I can give Mr. Cohen's class full credit for their work.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Just remember...9 more days and then you can stop working so hard!!!

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