Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yesterday, the math lesson went well.  Some of them needed a refresher on how to convert fractions to decimals, but for the most part, they all had remembered how to do it.

In social studies, they did a great job with the first rounds of presentations.  I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information they were able to retain.  Most of the kids did a great job on their quizzes as well.

Today in math, we are going to be comparing and ordering rational numbers.  This is the same as comparing and ordering fractions and decimals, but it adds in negative numbers.  With this they just need to remember that the bigger the fraction or decimal is, if it is negative, it is actually a smaller value.  I know it will be confusing at first, but with enough practice, I think that they can get it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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