Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It is May already...unbelievable!

Well, today in math, we are going to be reviewing addition, subtraction, and multiplication of integers.  We also are going to  be working on dividing integers.  Some of the kids are still struggling with subtraction.  If you would practice with them at home it will get better.  We have a test on Monday on everything we have learned about integers including adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ordering, and absolute value.  These are all of the things in chapter 11.

In social studies we are still chugging along on our projects.  Everyone has signed up for their presentation dates, and has it written in their planners.  All planners have been filled out for math and social studies for the rest of the school year.  If your child is busy like mine, they can go ahead and get started working ahead.

I am collecting all math and social studies books this week and next.  We will not be using the social studies text book for the rest of the year and the math book can be found online, so please send them back in ASAP.

Thanks...and have a terrific Tuesday!

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