Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Social Studies Vocabulary Review

1. Movement - moving from one place to another
2. Diffusion - The movement of ideas or behaviors from one culture to another.
3. Human geography - the study of people past and present
4. Physical geography - the study of landscapes and how they develop and change.
5. Decade - 10 years
6. Century - 100 years
7. Millennium - 1000 years
8. Epoch - period of time marked by distinct events.
9. Era - period of time that is a lifetime or less.
10. AD - anno domini - year 1 and above
11. BC - Before common era - Before year 0
12. absolute location - exact spot on Earth
13. relative location - description of a place in relation to another place.
14. places -  physical locations like cities, town, and homes
15. region - places on Earth that share characteristics
16. cartography - study of maps and map making
17. meteorology - study of weather
18. climatology - study of how atmospheric conditions change over time and their affect on land and people.
19. human-environment interaction - when people use their natural environment to survive and how they impact the environment.

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  1. I really like the idea of this blog. It is so much clearer than navigating through edline. Plus it is really nice to have a little summary of what they are learning. Keep it up great teacher!!