Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next Week's HW

I have updated Edline and posted next week's homework for those of you that would like to get a head start.  Yesterday, I handed out math and social studies books for Ms. Fielder's and Mr. Cohen's homeroom to keep at home.  My class needs to bring them back and forth so that we have a class set to use in school.  I will hopefully be finding out how to access the books online soon so that my class does not have to carry them back and forth.  As soon as I know the information, I will share it with you.

Next week's homework is as follows:
8/22 - Math book p.78  41-48, p.79  59-62
Study for social studies vocab quiz tomorrow. (These are the words you made flash cards for.)
Social Studies flash cards due tomorrow.
8/23 - Advantage p.24 (link on Edline or in the links section on the blog.)
8/24 - Math book p.63 all
8/25 - Math book p.80 (Study for math test on all decimal concepts)

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