Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/30/11 - 8/31/11

Yesterday we began to review multiplying decimals.  I believe that the students have a better understanding of this concept this time around. We are going to go over how to use multiplying decimals in word problem format today.    I think this is where we are having the most trouble.  I hope this helps the students become more confident in their abilities.

A note about homework:   Please have your children bring you their math homework when they are finished so that you can check it.  I give homework for the children to practice the skills that we have learned that day in class.  If they are not understanding it, maybe hearing it in a different way will help them get a better understanding of it.  If they struggled, just write a note on it after you have corrected it together, and I will meet with them and go over it again in class.  I am hoping that by doing this, we can squash any of their misconceptions before testing on a concept.

In first period yesterday, we began chapter 3 in the social studies book.  It is talking about different cultures and their economic systems, cultural differences, etc.  At the end of this chapter, we are going to be doing a fun group project in which the kids will  be grouping themselves and choosing a country.  They will be creating a rubric for this project and grading each other as well.  They are going to present to their homerooms all about the country's history, economy, religion, and culture to the class.  There are many creative ways that they can do this, and I am sure that they are going to come up with some great ones.  This project will be taking us a while to do, but will hit on many of our social studies benchmarks for 6th grade.  I will be giving deadlines for each part of it so that they can be receiving grades each week.

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