Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Social Studies Flash Cards

Yesterday we began presentations on social studies vocabulary.  It is not looking like we are going to finish them today because we have a lot of math to go over as well.  I am postponing the vocabulary test until all presentations are done so that we all have a deeper understanding of what the words mean.  Those of you that have studied hard for the test are probably already ready to take it.

That being said, if you have not done your vocabulary cards, don't worry too much.  Make sure you have blank cards with you so that you can do them in class as the words are presented.  Again, I will let everyone know when we will be taking the quiz.

Math yesterday went well.  We learned that multiplying a number by a power of 10 just moves the decimal.  For example, 0.987 x 10^3 = 987.  We also learned how to divide a decimal by a whole number.  We learned that when doing this, you just bring the decimal straight up and divide as if it is not there.

Homework last night was out of the math book.  I am aware that some of you did not bring home your math book.  I will give you until Wednesday to turn it in if you forgot your math book, but will be awarding points to tables today that have it with them.  As soon as I get the information about the online text book, I will get that info out to all of you.

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