Monday, April 2, 2012


Good morning and welcome back from Spring Break.   I hope everyone is ready to begin reviewing for FCAT.  I was on FCAT FOCUS today and noticed that there are only 3 of you that have been doing the modules.  This is a great way to practice the skills you need to be successful on the FCAT.  I opened the second assessments for everyone, so those of you that have finished, there are some other assessments for you to try.  I encourage the rest of you to get on this week and work through the problems.  It may not be used next week as we will only be one week away from FCAT.

In math, we are going to be reviewing for FCAT as well as working through the rest of chapter 10 on volume and surface area.  Everyone seems to be understanding these concepts pretty well, we just need to keep practicing.

In social studies we are going to begin working on our group projects in class.  The presentations will not begin until May, so the kids still have plenty of time to work on them.

Have a fantastic Monday!

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