Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well it is already much to do and so little time!

Next week is our field trip to Islands of Adventure.  The kids are getting excited and so are we.  You can expect some emails with any pertinent information throughout the week.

In math yesterday, we were working with coordinate planes again.  I think the kids are starting to have a firm grasp on this concept.  They are in the middle of a project in which they are going to use a coordinate plane to create their own dot to dot.  This will be due next Friday, May 4th.  They will have more time to work on it in class next Wednesday as well.

Today in math class we are going to continue our work with integers.  We are going to be working on adding them which can get a little bit confusing.  We will work it all out in class.

In social studies, they will have some more time again today to work on those projects.  I am hoping to see a lot of progress on Friday.  Friday, they are signing up for their presentation dates.  Presentations will begin on May 8th and go until all students have presented.  I have some that have already volunteered to go first because they are almost done already.  Great work!

Well, have a wonderful Thursday!   Talk to you all tomorrow.

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