Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was a great day back.  All of my kids at school are awesome and made me feel so good to be back at school.

We learned about coordinate planes yesterday.  This is something we had talked about and worked on before.  I gave them a set of written directions of how to plot some points that I created.  When they were finished plotting the points, they had to do a connect the dots to see what my picture came out as.  It was a simple picture of a music note.   It helped to reiterate how to plot coordinates.  Today in class they are going to begin to create their own dot to dot with directions for a friend to complete.  I have asked them to please make sure their pictures are something simple, not too detailed so that their directions are not too long.  We are going to be working on that today as well as next week on Wednesday.  They will not be due until next Thursday, but hopefully will be able to finish them in class unless they are in GSP.

In social studies we are continuing work on their social studies projects.  I am going to be doing another project check on Friday to see what progress is being made.  Also, the kids will be signing up on Friday for their presentation dates as well.  Hopefully everyone will be ready  by the Tuesday after the field trip.  That is when presentations are going to begin.  Some of the kids have been procrastinating and not using their class time wisely, so I am going to suggest that they begin working on it at home some as well.  Again, the rubric that we all created is on Edline and on here if they need some guidance.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

PS:  I have asked a few kids for some supplies for SpringFest.  If they don't bring them in today, I may be in need of some other help in this department.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help make SpringFest a smooth, fun day for all!!!

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