Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well I am back and ready to rock and roll!!!  FCAT seemed to go very well for almost everyone.  I have been told it was much easier than my classroom tests, which is an awesome feeling.  I know that everyone had the skills they needed to succeed.  Great work guys!

We are working on integers now and will be learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them.  This is a necessary skill in the sequence to learning algebra.  This will be easier than the previous geometry chapter that we did before FCAT.  I am hoping it will help with some of their grades before the end of the nine weeks.

In social studies, we will be signing up for our presentation dates soon.  I met with all of the kids on Thursday before I left to see how they were doing on their projects.  With the amount of class time they have had to work on them, I was a little disappointed to see how much some of them had done.  I had some kids who hadn't even started and have given over 3 hours of class time to work.  I hope everyone has been using their class time wisely this week.  I will be doing another project check on Friday to see if progress is being made.  They will be graded on whether or not they have anything new to show me.

I am looking forward to the presentations as well.  I think that some of them are doing some pretty awesome things.  Don't forget the rubric is posted here on the blog as well as on Edline if they need any guidance on what should be included.  This is a big part of their 4th nine weeks social studies grade.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!!

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