Friday, April 27, 2012


What a wonderful day!!! It's Friday!

Yesterday we learned how to add integers.  Everyone seemed to catch on quickly.  Today we are going to learn the rules to subtraction.  Then we are going to play a game to practice both.  With this skill, the more you practice the better you get at it.

I am doing a project check today in social studies.  I know they have been working hard as we are coming closer to presentation day.  This is the last thing we are doing in social studies until the end of the year test.  The test is mostly on those DBQs that we did earlier in the semester.  There are only a couple other questions, but it is information we have gone over before.

Spring Fest is tomorrow at 1:00.  I hope to see everyone there.  One of the most exciting events that will be new this year is the dunk tank.  Kids can come out and dunk one of the teachers or administrators that are signed up!!!  How much fun is that!

See you all again on Monday!

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