Friday, March 23, 2012


This morning I have posted grades for the new nine weeks.  I have some kids that have not turned in their DBQ journals.  This was a test grade for them.  If I don't have them by the Monday we return from Spring Break, they will be required to write the essay at the end of the DBQ in order to receive credit.  This was  a very easy assignment and they had over a week to complete it.  It already is over a week late now.

Yesterday in math we worked on calculating the volume of a cylinder.  Because the homework was time consuming, I gave them most of the class period to get a head start on it.  When calculating the volume of a cylinder, you find the area of the circular base by multiplying the radius squared times pi.  Then you multiply that answer times the height of the cylinder.  If it gives you a diameter, don't forget the divide the diameter by two to find the radius before you get started.

Today in math we are going to be finding the volume of cones.  You would do that the same way as a cylinder, but divide by three at the end.  This is going to be an in class assignment.  I think they will all do fine as long as they check their work.

In social studies we are forming groups for our ancient civilization projects.  The kids in Mr. Cohen's class have already picked their group and culture to work on.  The other two classes will be doing that today.  I will be posting a rubric that the kids have helped create for what is expected in the project.  The kids can work on this for a while in class.  They will not be presenting their projects until after FCAT which will be in the beginning of May, so they have plenty of time to work on them.  There will be more information to come.

Have a wonderful Spring Break.  Rest up and be ready for more FCAT review when we return.  Please have your children work on FCAT FOCUS to get prepared for FCAT.

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