Monday, March 5, 2012


Another week and ready to get started.  This week in social studies, we are going to continue our journey down the silk roads.  We will be making 3 more stops this week on the silk roads and be writing in our journals to tell what we see.  The journal entries will be due the next day.  The kids will receive individual grades on each journal entry as they are due and then one big test grade at the end when it is put together.  Please make sure they don't throw them away after they are graded.

In math, we are going to be finishing up Chapter 3 this week.  We will be doing a review test on Friday that they can use as a study guide for their regular test on Monday.  The rest of this week is based on graphing and choosing an appropriate graph for a set of data.  We will be using FCAT 2.0 review questions as our 4 squares for the next few weeks, and this hopefully will give me a better idea of what areas they need to work on.  Next week will be a review week before we take the March diagnostic, which is their math diagnostic test.  It will be inclusive of everything they have learned so far this year.  I am excited to see the progress that they have been making.

That's all for today!  Talk to you all tomorrow AM!

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