Monday, February 27, 2012


We have a huge day ahead of us today.  After a restful weekend hopefully, we are starting something new in math class today.  We are going to be learning about our favorite terms, mean, median, mode, and range and learning how to construct graphs and read them this week.  This chapter should be a pretty easy chapter for all of the kids as it should be a review for them.  We also are going to be going over the math test from last week.

In social studies we are beginning our final DBQ.  It is on the silk roads.  There will not be an essay at the end this time as the whole time we do it, they are to be keeping a journal.  They will know what is expected of them in the journal.  If they all do a good job on their journals, they will not have to write the essay.  If they choose to slack off and give me "slop" for work, then I will implement an essay at the end.  I know I will get some great things from all of them.

Have a happy Monday!

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