Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, yesterday seemed to go well.  The kids got quite a review on the skills that we have learned so far in geometry.  We are going to be testing on this area on Thursday of next week, so they still have a week to prepare.  If you would like to help them prepare, they can work through the test or the review problems in the book to make sure that they are understanding all of the information that will be on the test.

Today in class, we are going to be working on the area of composite figures.  This is a combination of what we have already learned and is a little tricky.  We are going to take our time and work through it today and tomorrow, but the kids really need to be focused today.  The composite figures are two or more figures that have squished together to make one.  They don't always give you all of the measures of the sides, so you have to combine what we learned with perimeter to find the measure of the sides, and then go from there with the areas.

In social studies, we are going to continue on with documents B and C in class.  Whatever we don't finish in class will be homework today.

Have another wonderful day!

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