Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Welcome back from a three day weekend.

I hope we are all ready to finish up with our geometry unit.  We will be testing on the chapter on Thursday.  It will include calculating the perimeter of all objects as well as calculating the area of all object.  It will also include the new topic we are going to be working on today, which is calculating the volume of a rectangular prism.  This is done by multiplying the base times the height, times the width.  We are also going to continue reviewing area of composite figures.  Make sure your kids are practicing things like adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals, and working with mixed numbers.  This is where they are making most of their mistakes.

In social studies, we are going to be reviewing the documents that we did not go over in class.  Their essay on this DBQ is going to be due on Friday.  I am not going to be giving an outline, but the rubric is still posted.  Also, they can look off of their outline from the last DBQ to make sure that they have all of the elements of a good persuasive essay.

Have a great day!!!

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