Friday, February 10, 2012


Yesterday in math we learned how to calculate the circumference of a circle.  We also learned some vocabulary words like: circumference, pi, radius, and diameter.  The formula for the circumference is
C = 2 x pi x r or C = d x pi.  The kids seemed to catch on to this pretty quickly.  We also reviewed rates/ratios again yesterday in a 4 square on the board.  This did not go that well.  We will continue to revisit old skills daily to help them for the FCAT.  I have uploaded all of the modules for FCAT FOCUS.   The kids can start working through them at home to help them prepare as well.

In social studies, we began our DBQ on Asoka.  We talked about the question, does the ends justify the means?   This was  a warm up to help us think about Asoka from all perspectives in making our decision on whether we think he was a ruthless conqueror or an enlightened ruler.

Today in math we are going to be learning the formula for the area of a circle which is A = pi x r^2 .  I think this will come easily to them.  In social studies we are going to be reading the background essay in the DBQ and answering the questions.  We will also be restating the question on the 3rd page, which should be in their introduction paragraphs when they write their essays.

Have a great weekend!  Talk to all of you on Monday!

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