Thursday, February 2, 2012


Good morning again!

Yesterday was a productive day.  We reviewed how to write algebraic expressions from words as well as inequalities.  Today we are going to be starting something new in math.  We are moving into the geometry and measurement section.  We are going to be using formulas to solve different types of area problems.  The formulas will be given to them on a formula sheet, the part that gets sticky is when they add in decimals and mixed numbers into the equations.  The other tricky party is when there is a shaded area and a non-shaded and you have to subtract them to get the answers.  We will be chugging through so that we can get to everything before FCAT.  Keep working hard.

We worked on our DBQ essays yesterday as well.  I had about 15 kids who have already turned them in.  I will be getting them back to you ASAP, they take a while to grade.  I will be posting updated math and social studies grades this morning.  Keep working hard kids!

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