Friday, February 24, 2012


Due to science fair yesterday many kids did not finish their math tests.  I have extended it, and they have time to finish them today.  Then we are going to go over the questions and they will have the rest of the period to work on their DBQ essays.  The essays have been extended until Monday.  I did this as well because of science fair.  On Monday, we will be starting a new chapter on mean, median, mode, range, and graphing.  We also will be starting our last DBQ on The Silk Road.  This time, there will be a journal that the kids will be keeping as we go through the DBQ.  If they do a good job on the journal, they will not have to write an essay at the end.  I encourage them to do the journal, it will be more fun.  Also, there is NO MATH CLUB this morning.  I cancelled it due to the face we were already testing on the material and haven't started anything new.

Have a great day!

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