Monday, January 30, 2012


Good morning!  I hope you all had a relaxing, fun weekend.  It is time to get down to business again.

I gave the kids the entire period on Friday to do a math worksheet in class as well as start their last document in their DBQ packet.  The document and the document analysis sheet are due to me tomorrow.  I am also going to be giving them a guide to help them write their essays today.  I went over it with them on Friday and the only thing that is being added to the rubric is that they need to write the restatement of the question in their introduction.  This can be found on the DBQ packet page that has the buckets.  The essay will be due on Thursday!

In math, we have a test tomorrow on chapter 8.  It includes input/output tables as well as inequalities.  There are also a couple of word problems that they might need to use the strategy guess, check, and revise in order to solve.  We are going to be doing a review sheet in class today that looks very similar to the test.  They are going to complete it independently and then check  their answers.  This should help them to know which type of problems that they need to study the most.

See you all in a bit!

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