Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday we were able to do the first two documents in our DBQ packet.  Today we are going to be working on Documents C and D.  We will be discussing them and answering the questions.  The kids are getting good at this.  They are becoming seasoned professionals.

In math, we learned how to graph inequalities yesterday.  We learned that if it says less than or greater than, then we leave the circle and the beginning of our graphs opened, but if it could also be equal to, then we fill in the circle.  The arrow will point the direction of any possible solution to the inequality.  We also learned how to write inequalities based on the information given.  For example, if it says that the boy could eat no more than 10 pieces of candy before dinner, we would circle "no more than," think about what it means and then write our inequality as c is less than or equal to 10.  We would use the sign for less than or equal to though.

Today we are going to be solving 1 step inequalities and graphing them.  That will relate back to our one-step algebraic expressions.

The test is still tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  I will be doing a review sheet with them in class on Monday and having them grade it so that they know what parts they need to study.  If you want to get a head start this weekend on studying, you can do the practice test for chapter 8 in the book.  I believe it is page 247 or 472, or something like that, please don't hold me to that one.

See you all in a bit!

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