Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today was a fun day.  Some of the students went to a video conference this morning.  The rest of them will be going tomorrow.  From the feedback I got, they really enjoyed it.  One student even said, "This was the best video conference I have ever been to."  That makes it all feel worth while.

We are beginning to wrap things up with our fractions unit.  The study guide has been posted on here as well as on Edline.  It looks very similar to part of their test on Monday.  If they know how to do all of these problems, except #1 and #18 then they will score fine on their test.

In social studies, I gave them a mapping exercise.  Most of them did really well if they followed directions and stayed focused.  We will be continuing our study of Ancient Greece for the rest of the week.
I will be doing a status check today on social studies projects and will be signing up some groups that are done to present next week.  Hopefully I can get about 1/2 of them to present since we will be testing in math and not starting a new unit until the following week.

Keep working on those fraction projects.  They are due on Monday!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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