Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted yet this week.  I have been getting sick and have been going to bed early to try to kick it out of my body.  In social studies, the Greek gods and goddesses posters are coming out fabulous.  I can't wait to take some pictures to post on here for all to see.  We have been watching some videos on Ancient Greece to help fill any gaps of knowledge that we may have.

In math, we have continued working with ratios and rates.  I feel as though the kids have been doing much better with these concepts as the week has gone on.  We have a test on them on Thursday and will be reviewing for the test on Wednesday in class. I do not have a study guide for this test, but suggest that the kids look at the practice test from chapter 4 in the book.  If they can do well on that, then they shouldn't have any problem on the test on Thursday!

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