Friday, September 2, 2011

Next Week's HW 9/6-9/9

Next week we are going to be taking our decimal test on Tuesday.  It will be on multiplying greater numbers, multiplying decimals, rounding decimals, and estimating decimal products.

Tuesday night's assignment will be a basic division sheet to get us ready for dividing decimals.
Wednesday night's assignment will be a long division sheet with remainders.
Thursday night's assignment is a division sheet that would normally have remainders, but I want the kids to use compatible numbers to solve them instead.

An example of compatible numbers is:

If I gave you the problem 316 / 8, you would change the 316 into something close like rounding, that 8 can go into evenly.  So for this problem, you would do 320/8 which is 40.  I do not want you to go back and solve the problem, just use the compatible numbers.

Have a great weekend!

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