Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was a great day in math class.  We were able to get everything done.  We have been continuing to explore the question: How did the constitution guard against tyranny?  We will be finishing that DBQ today and begin looking at the Declaration of Independence.

I have met with all of the groups now in math and have retaught the lessons from last week.  I think they all have a better understanding of what they were supposed to know.  I also met with each child and did an individual check on how far along they are on their math and social studies projects.  We are getting pretty far and by the end of the week I expect a few groups to be ready to present.  By the end of next week, most of the groups should be ready to present their social studies country projects.

As for the tic tac toe boards.  I have many students that have already completed one of the projects.  Their goal is to finish the one that they have started by Friday if they have not yet done that.  Many of them are working on  a second or third project and will have all 3 of them done by next Friday.  I am pretty excited after seeing what they are doing so far as to what is going to be turned in.

I am thinking that our math test on fractions will probably be at the end of next week.  I will keep you posted as we get closer to mastering all of the 6th grade fractions skills.  I will also send home a study guide prior to the test.

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

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