Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today we took our math pre-test on fractions.  As I suspected, there were only a couple of kids in the grade level that have already mastered the 6th grade standards.  That being said, about 1/2 of the kids need a refresher on their previous fraction skills such as adding and subtracting mixed numbers, which is where I am going to start their group.  About the other 1/2 of them have mastered all of their previous skills, but need to learn the new skills of multiplying and dividing decimals.

I have given each of them a tic tac toe board of projects for them to do in class when they have mastered all of their 6th grade standards.  Each child's requirements will be different based on how much time they have to work on it.  These projects should be done in class, not at home for homework.  If your child chooses to work on them at home that is fine, but they are not homework unless they waste their class time and don't finish.

On the homework note, homework will be assigned daily to the kids that I am meeting with.  They will have time in class to work on their assignment, so should not have much homework to bring home.  If you want to see what they are doing in class, they can bring it home and turn it in the next day.

I hope this all makes sense.  I think we will all be more comfortable with it as the week goes on.

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