Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today we discussed more about our country projects.  I have posted a link on here as well as on Edline for the rubric that the kids created to score the projects.  Each group has divided up the labor of the project and each student will be receiving an individual grade.  A group grade will also be received in which the students will be giving their input.

In math today we reviewed dividing decimals by whole numbers and rounding our answer to the nearest 10th.  Some of the students are still questioning when they should round their answer versus rounding the problem.  My explanation for this is to round the problem if the directions say to "estimate."  If the directions say round to the nearest "whatever" they want them to round just their answer.  I hope this clarifies for those of you that weren't sure.

Also, when  you are multiplying and the directions ask you to estimate, round each of the factors and then multiply.  If you are dividing and the directions ask you to estimate, then you are going to use compatible numbers to solve the problem.

Good luck guys!

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