Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating since last week.  Tis' the season.

Yesterday we finished chapter 6 in class.  They learned about the distributive property.  It states:
a ( b + c) = ab + ac  They can use this when breaking up a number as well.  For example:  6 x 54 = 6(50 + 4) = 300 + 24 = 324.

In social studies we have begun our study of other ancient cultures such as the Mayans.  We read chapter 7 section 1.  There were some intriguing facts in our reading.

Today we will be on our space week field trip.  It should be a lot of fun!

When we return, the kids have a test on Chapter 6 on Wednesday.   I haven't given them any paper pencil homework.  Please make sure that they are studying for their test.

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