Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday we learned about solving multiplication algebraic equations.  We learned that in order to isolate the variable that you had to divide both sides of the equation.  We also learned how to solve equations like this:
35 t = 5  We found out that if you divide both sides by 35 you would get t = 5/35, in which case the numerator is bigger than the denominator.  We know that this answer must be less than one, so you can leave it in a fraction format and reduce it to 1/7.
Today we are going to be working with division equations and use multiplication to solve them.  This is our last topic before we begin reviewing for the December Diagnostic.  I hope all is going well with the BIG assignment so far.
In social studies we are going to take a pause until we get back from the Winter Break.  We have learned a lot about some of the Ancient Civilizations and will continue that journey in January.
We are still missing quite a few responses about the heritage celebration.  If you have not yet turned that in, please do so soon.


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