Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today we are going to be continuing our journey through the DBQ:  Citizenship in Athens and Rome: Which was the better system?  The kids did well yesterday on the first two documents, so we are going to be analyzing the next two documents.

We reviewed the homework from Tuesday night yesterday.  The kids seem a little more comfortable with the skills.  We are going to continue on our journey today.  We are going to be ordering 3 or more fractions from least to greatest.  The students have a choice to either find a common denominator for all of the fractions/ mixed numbers, or they can turn them all into decimals or percents and order them that way.  Whichever way is easiest for them is what I want them to use.  We are going to be finishing the workbook pages mostly in class, but they will be able to bring it home this weekend to be checked or to finish it if they don't finish it in class.

Have a great long weekend!  I will talk to you all again on Monday!

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